printpen portable printer


PrintPen Portable Printer for Various Surface


1) A Printer in Your Pocket - The easy-to-use portable printer that you can print your ideas anywhere anytime without the refrains of size, and texture of the printing surfaces! 

2) Overcome the Limitation of Surface -  Print on your shoes, have your own sports wristband, or get your personal artwork. With the roll structure on the bottom of printer, you can even print on the curved surface with ease.  

3) Wide Layout Printing - With 26mm super large print head, you can print wider text or artwork at once. Best for business application, example: QR CODE.  

4) Skin-friendly &  Eco-friendly Uncompared with the conventional printer, the ink used by Printpen is non-toxic and eco-friendly.  


Weight: 255g 

Battery Capacity: 1200mAH, 7.2 V 

Print head Width: 26mm 

Resolution: 300 dpi 

Color: Single Color  

Application: Corrugated Board/ Box, Label, Paper Core, Canister, Fabrics

video application: Printpen portable printer

Check out this video application