packaging machine (vertical/horizontal Packaging Machine/sealer)



1) Vertical Form - Fill - Seal Machine

The machine can be fitted with:        

           a) Volumetric cup

​          b) Volumetric Piston filler  

​          c) Volumetric Paste filling pump

​          d) Auger filler

​          e) Linear weigh filler

​          f) Multi-head weigh filler  

2) Vertical Form - Fill - Seal Machine ​(with Auger Filler)

Suitable to pack sticky and lumpy powder products.

(e.g. milk powder, coffee powder, ground spices powder, pharmaceutical and agricultural powders etc)  

3) Vertical Form - Fill - Seal Machine (with Linear Weigh Scale)

To pack various snacks, free flowing powder and granules and available in 2 & 4 weighers. 

(e.g. dry fruits, grains, nuts, extruded snacks, frozen cut vegetables, whole spices etc.)  



1) Horizontal Form - Fill - Seal Machine (with Auger Filler & Twin Head)​

It is designed to pack sticky and lumpy powder products 

(e.g. milk powder, coffee powder, ground spices powder, pharmaceutical and agricultural powders etc) 

Package Types: :
a) Flexible Packaging
b) Semi-Rigid Packaging 
c) Rigid Packaging
d) Ambient Packaging
e) Recloseable Packaging 

2) Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Flow wrappers perform three tasks – forming a bag, filling it with product, and sealing.

Flow wrappers are used to wrap items such as candy bars, brownies, cookies, muffins, biscuits, soap bar, and even medical devices and industrial parts.

Horizontal & Vertical, form-fill-seal packaging machine, flow wrapper, auger filler, linear weigh
Table Top Vacuum Sealer, packing small size items, foods, money, financial documents, vouchers & etc

Sealer Machine/ Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machine



Table Top Vacuum Sealer is suitable for packing objects in small size, as well as materials such as foods, money, financial documents, vouchers and etc. 

This machine is comes with the function of vacuum and combining the  sealing in one process. It is also applicable for different packing materials and requirements, with adjustable devices for vacuum, hot-sealing temperature and time, in order to allow users to obtain optimum selection and adjustment for an optimum effect of packing. 

This machine also able to prevent products from oxidization and mildew as well as corrosion and losing its moisture, keeping the quality and freshness and prolonging the storage time. 

Table Top L-Bar Sealer, sealing chamber, seal the film, easy handle, Shrink film, plastic roll & PE



Table Top L-Bar Sealer uses centre fold film to protect your products and give them an attractive and professional look.

It is easy to use and maintain.  This machine can handle  maximum sealing dimensions of 490mm x 340mm and it is suitable to use on the table top.  

This 220V machine comes with rollers for setting film in as well as a separator finger to help open the center fold film. 

To operate the machine, insert the product in sealing chamber and press down the handle to seal the film. 

Shrink Label Tunnel Packaging Machine  external packing food, beverage, medicine, metal, cosmetics



Shrink Label Tunnel Packaging Machine is suitable for external packing of such products as food, beverage, medicine, video/audio products, metal ware. Cosmetics, books, toy, plastic and electronic products.

The machine is made reliable by electronic step-less shift and booster in temperature control. The products packages can be sealed well, prevented from getting damp and protected against collision. It is suitable for tight wrapping packaging of many-piece articles and tray packaging. 



Round Bottle / Container Sealer Machine/ Taping Machine is suitable to seal various type of round bottle & container eg. cookies container, sweet bottle & etc. It prevents leakage & maintain the freshness of the foods.